Insecurity/Confidence Rant

Have you ever thought about where your insecurity comes from? Why do you feel so low and unworthy? Remember that time the person who was supposed to love you put you down, hurt your feelings, or broke your heart? You thought you had recovered. Told yourself, “fuck them”, “they don’t matter to me”. You thought you put it away. Put it in the back of your mind, moved on and got over it. But you didn’t, did you? You still carry those words. “You’re too dumb to do that…”. “You don’t know shit…”, “You think your cute but you’re really ugly with that damn gap in your mouth…”, “Don’t nobody want you…”, “Who the hell do you think you are?”, “You ain’t shit!” Even as I type this I want to convince myself they are just words. The words or the person saying them do not define who you are, right?!

You are greatness personified if you made it through the hurt, pain, & abuse. Not everyone overcomes the attempts of the destroyer. Yes, they tried to destroy you, but they didn’t. THEY DIDN”T!!! So why are you still so insecure about who you are? Is it because you don’tbelieve you have enough confidence to get through any more pain, hurt, or disappointment? You don’t believe you can overcome again? Yeah, me either!