I’m sick :(

I tell you I do not have time for this! Woke up this morning with a sore throat. I have a horribly weak immune system (there is a whole story behind that, that I’ll tell you later), so not only do I get sick often but when I’m down, I’m all the way down. As a mom, a wife, full time worker, and part time student, I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS!!! What I find interesting is how people don’t expect things from you. “I’m sick” is generally an acceptable excuse not to go to work or class. You’re allowed to lay around in your pajamas and focus on yourself. BUT, I’m my mind, I always feel as if people don’t believe that I am really sick, or they judge me, “You should still be able to do this…or that”. I feel guilty for being sick. ┬áIt is a destructive self loathing mentality but its the one I have.